Wednesday, 16 November 2011 15:51







The Chairman of JOHA TRUST Board of Trustees Mr. Salmon Odunga,

Founding Chairperson of JOHA TRUST, Minister of Land, Housing and Human Settlement, MP for Muleba South, Honourable Professor Anna Tibaijuka,

Representatives from the Embassy of Sweden in Tanzania, Maria Van Berlekon Head of Development Co-operation and Ambassador’s wife Gunilla Hjelmaker,

Government Representatives,

The Headmistress of Barbro Johansson Model Girls’ Secondary School, teachers and students,

Form IV and Form VI graduands,

Invited Parents,

Ladies and gentlemen,


First and foremost, I would like to give my sincere thanks to the Chairman of JOHA TRUST Board of Trustees, the School Headmistress together with the School Management Team for your good will to invite me to the 11th School Anniversary, 9th Form Four graduation and 6th Form Six graduation ceremony. It is a great pleasure to join you in celebrating your noticeable achievements in educating a girl child at the same time supplementing the Government’s efforts in offering secondary education through its Secondary Education Development Programme (SEDP).

I again wish to congratulate you, Board Chairman together with founders and Board members, the Headmistress, teaching and non teaching staff for operating the school for the 11 years. I know it is not an easy task; there were so many challenges on the way but because of your long experience and team work, you sustained them. I believe you will continue to run the school well and stand for the quality Secondary Education that is required to face the current economic and social changes of our country.

Invited Guests, Ladies and Gentlemen,

When listening to the brief School Progress report, I have discovered that the School has made great achievements since its commencement in 2000. I am told, a total number of 980 girls have benefitted from the education provided at Barbro since 2000. In addition, the school excels in academic performance as last year it became number 10 in the Form Four National Exams in the nation and one girl from this school ranked number 3 in the nation as well. The school ranking 10th in the nation, is a good sign that girls can perform, when enabled, even in Science subjects that are said to be tough. Once again, I take this opportunity to congratulate teachers, non teaching staff and all students for your great efforts in bringing about achievement that we are celebrating today. Keep it up!

Chairman, Joha Trust Board of Trustees,

I pat you on the back for emphasis you put on the practical oriented education which covers theory and practical in making the process of teaching and learning meaningful. I was so much impressed by the exhibitions on different subjects I visited this morning. Students showed a great competence on the way they expressed themselves in presenting the exhibitions. That is a true testimony of quality education provided at Barbro School.

As you know, the government aims at providing education to all Tanzanian boys and girls. However, our current economic situation is a great obstacle. For that reason, the public and private partnership will create more opportunities to learners. I am aware of the challenges that you face in obtaining scholarships for girls from poor backgrounds. I feel it is wiser to collaborate with other education organization and stakeholders who could provide scholarship to girls in your school.

Beloved graduands,

It is of importance for you to know that the current world needs intellectuals in understanding and solving issues. You need to know that the education you received here is just a beginning of what you need to achieve, considering the current globalization. Things change so quickly in every aspect; hence you need to learn new techniques in handling the changes. As your Headmistress mentioned in her speech, I expect that whoever graduated her four years today will progress to form V, and whoever graduated her six years today will join the University, before involving yourselves in the working world.

Remember the quality education you received and the one you will continue to receive will pave a new way to your life, to a society as a whole including your own families to be. It will also give you financial power, voice to be heard in the society; you will speak and be heard. With education, you will be able to make valuable choices in life. Prof. Anna Tibaijuka is one of the good examples, my friend Prof. Anna who is a Founding Chairperson of JOHA TRUST is an exemplary figure and I want you to take her as a model to you, in setting your educational targets and in serving the society.

Invited guests ladies and gentlemen,

I want to join other national leaders to remind you all again, in the HIV and AIDS pandemic. It is our war we should fight it in schools, offices and at home. Remember, wherever you go, especially in Universities, fighting HIV and AIDS transmissions should be your message and you should take it to the peers you meet. Your education will not have any meaning, if you will allow yourselves to be infected by the disease for being caress in sexual relationships. Abstaining from sex until when you finish your studies and get the right man will be the best choice. Failure to observe this advice your educational efforts will not have any benefits to you, the government, your parents, and the whole society in general since you will have died with the epidemic.

Board Trust Chairman, invited guests, ladies and gentlemen,

This is a graduation day; I would not want to make long and tiresome speech. I wish many happy returns to everyone that has attended the ceremony today. I also want to express my sincere gratitude to all donors of Barbro Johansson including the Government of Tanzania, the Government of Sweden through its Embassy here in Tanzania, JOHA Trust Sweden, Barbro Johansson parents through their Parents and Teachers’ Association (PTA) and everybody else whose donation has made this school what it is today. We thank them for their support and ask others to emulate the same spirit.

Let me conclude by applauding the graduands, you have done a great job. I thank all the teachers for making these girls what we see them today. Parents and guardians thank you so much, for denying your other privileges and decide to invest in your children’s quality education. Congratulations for making education your primary role that a good parent and guardian always should do. Once again, I thank you all for joining me in this ceremony. I wish you all God’s grace and remain blessed.

Thanks for listening to me.